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Research areas

Area of ​​Concentration: Diversity and conservation of algae and plants

Research lines:

Integrative and evolutionary systematics: includes floristic, taxonomic, phylogenetic and phylogeographic studies, based on the integration of morphological, anatomical, palynological, biochemical, molecular and cytogenetic data. The objective is understanding evolutionary processes and proposing natural classifications of prokaryotic and eukaryotic algae. embryophytes, with emphasis on Brazilian flora.

Physiology and biotechnology: It proposes to evaluate and describe physiological characteristics of plant species and seeks to establish protocols for in vitro conservation and micropropagation of endangered or threatened plants. It is expected to enable the sustainable management of seedlings for the recovery of degraded areas and maintenance of biodiversity, as well as the micropropagation of plants cultivated for agroindustrial purposes.

Ecology of populations and communities: Includes studies of the processes that generate and maintain plant diversity in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The projects developed in this line aim to understand from the organization of plant populations in the community, plant-animal and algae interactions with aquatic fauna, morphophysiological and reproductive responses in adaptation to environmental conditions, and provide theoretical and practical bases for biodiversity conservation and environmental balance.

Ethnobotany: Integrates the knowledge about plants from Brazilian traditional populations to science, with aiming topresent alternatives for sustainable development.