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The process for the selection of new students for the Master's and Doctorate courses in the Graduate Program in Botany of UFRPE, occurs annually at the end of the second semester.

For the MSc, the stages consist of examen of 1. botany knowledge - in your specific and related areas, 2. examen of English language, 3. curriculum analysis and 4. evaluation of a work plan. At the PhD, the steps are 1. examen of knowledge in your specific area, 2. curriculum analysis and 3. research project evaluation. The candidate is exempted from English test if he / she submits a statement of proficiency obtained in the last five years.

The steps are carried out at the the PPGB, in Recife, and at focal points distributed in Brazil, released during the registration period. Exceptionally, extra edicts are issued for selection of students and in these cases the steps occur only in Recife.